Easter 2020

Rejoice now the season of renewal and birth
As Christians united across all the earth!
Let us take full advantage of time that has slowed
And find a new message in what God has shown.

A brand-new perspective I have for this year
While an unseen invader’s presence we fear.
As we approach the dawn of a new Easter day
Let me offer these thoughts to God as I pray:

I pray for the health of those all around
For those in danger as sickness abounds.
Provide for the heroes in front of this fight –
Give them the strength to vanquish this blight.

Please offer your comfort for people in need
Relieve all their grief with your strength and your speed.
Ease the great suffering of those who have pain –
Lighten their burdens and lessen their strain.

I pray for our leaders – guide them each day.
Convey your great wisdom through words they will say.
Keep our great nation as strong as before
This dreaded disease waged this horrible war.

Let me use this new time with those in my home,
Being forced together in confinement unknown,
How much each of them has meant in my life
Especially now – in this new time of strife.

Thank you so much for what you have blessed –
Your generous gifts undeserved are at best.
Thanks also much for my family and friends –
Let me show them my love before this life ends.

Help me find a way in this time I possess
To share with someone how Jesus has blest
The life of a sinner – saved only by grace
And how He will love those seeking His face.

Help me to find less time to complain
On trivial issues that offer no gain.
Help me to live a life that is right,
Focused on actions pleasing your sight.

I ask you these things as we need your aid.
Grant, if you will, the things I have prayed.
Help us this season to find you again.
I offer this all in Christ’s name, Amen.

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