Another Trip Around the Sun

So it’s been about a year since I started up this blog and determined that I would regularly post for the pure practice of writing on a regular basis. The fact that this post will make only fifteen in the entire year is disappointing to me, but it also has made me more aware of the importance of writing in my current life. I know that it is important to write for a number of reasons, but I have also developed a better understanding of the obstacles that I have to making this happen. Life is a balance of many things, all of which will consume some amount of focus and time. I know the areas that I am willing to sacrafice in and the ones that I am not.

Although the number of posts is disappointing, I am relatively encouraged by the overall progress of my writing. I was able to load all of my Sunday School lessons onto the site and organize some other materials that I had. I was also able to complete the draft of the novel that I had begun nearly ten years ago. I have stalled a bit in completing the revision, but feel confident that I will complete it and publish during the winter months. My goals for the next year will include completing the novel revision along with a minimum of two posts per month on the blog.

I feel that I have make progress in many areas of my life this year and look forward to making further steps ahead in the year in front of me.

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