Gotta Get Away

Since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors.  I really love nature and enjoy the simple act of being in the midst of the world’s natural beauty without the distractions of other people or technology. There is a certain peacefulness that can be found by removing one’s self from the rapid pace of society and plugging in to the clock of nature.

I am fortunate to have a wife that also appreciates the outdoors and enjoys spending time on hikes and camping trips. In fact, when I had duties with scouting that required my time on regular camping outings with the youth, she would become frustrated with me when I would get “camping burnout” from the additional interest that she had in camping with me and Christian. We have regularly scheduled a substantial portion of our summer free time around camping and being outside.

Part of the charm of the outdoors likely rests in the region of the country where we live. When the winters of northeast Ohio force its residents indoors for nearly half the year, it seems reasonable that most people will take full advantage of the outdoors during the warmer months. However, it is easy to try to pack too many activities into the warmer months and become overwhelmed and frazzled from the abundance of events.

We just returned from a camping trip in western PA – Raccoon Creek State Park. While we didn’t have any major activities planned, we did manage to kayak on the lake and do some hiking in the park. We also found a nice Italian restaurant in a nearby town for dinner on Saturday. I really enjoyed the slower pace of that weekend to the often crazy schedules that we often plan on our “vacations”. Life tends to move too fast – I like to slow it down when I can.

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