I learn a little more each day about the importance of having some time to “slow down”. It might seem obvious to some and unnecessary to others, but I find that people who are in a routine of working, parenting and spending time at other functions in a community are often living at such a fast pace that it becomes easy to overlook the importance of taking a break from the fast pace of life. Even some of my vacations have had such a fast pace that it often omits time necessary for relaxation.

I’ve tried to maintain a balance in my life between work, family and community…and feel that I’ve done a pretty good job (so far). However, I think I may have overlooked time to just be idle. Now that kids are relatively grown up and demands on my time are not as stringent, I am appreciating the minutes that I can spend in rest and reflection. It seems to me that the mind needs some time to wander in order to maintain a healthy state. I still sometimes feel guilty when I am idle and sometimes consider all of the things that I should be doing, but I feel that I have made some progress.

Hopefully, these restful breaks will lead to some productivity in my writing aspirations eventually. I have tempered my expectations through the summer months, since the Ohio winters provide ample time for indoor writing opportunities. I do enjoy writing these quick posts – mostly to organize my thoughts a bit and allow some time to practice putting words down. I watched a squirrel chewing on an apple earlier this evening. I felt truly appreciative of the weather and the opportunity to enjoy such a sight, trivial as it may seem to most. Take time to see your life.

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