Highs and Lows

Since I have entered the workforce, I have noticed that “time flies”.  I had heard grown-ups talk about this when I was growing up, but never actually realized it until I was done with school and was working full-time.  Over time I have found that not only does time seem to go by faster than it did as a youth, but it seems to pass with increasing speed with every spent day.

As part of this accelerating trip through life, I have noticed that my mood seems to experience drastic ups and downs based on the proximity of the time to the next approaching weekend.  I have been blessed to have had rewarding jobs through most of my career and been additionally blessed to (usually) have weekends off.  However, I still look forward to the weekend to have time to myself and family to relax.  As a result, I find myself (as most people do) looking forward to the next weekend.  As Friday approaches, I find myself becoming more positive and optimistic with the brief period of personal freedom approaching.  In fact, I would say that my emotional high point of a typical week is actually Thursday afternoon.  Since Friday basically flows directly into the weekend, achieving the completion of Thursday makes the week nearly complete. 

The backside of the euphoria of Thursday is the dread of the upcoming Monday to follow.  In fact, the impending doom of Monday morning is generally preceded by uneasiness on Sunday afternoon and evening as reality begins to set in on another weekend that has passed and another week of work ahead.  I’m not sure why, but I often find myself getting a poor night’s sleep on Sunday more than any other day of the week.  As I have said, I generally like my job and the work that I do, but I still feel sadness of the past period of freedom and the challenge of another week of work.  Perhaps it is partly due to the realization of the passing time and the knowledge that we all only have a finite number of days in our lives that we are truly free.  I suppose the goal should be to ensure that freedom exists (at least mentally and spiritually) every day – not just two days a week.

I’ll work on this…

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