In the Moment

I had the opportunity yesterday to watch the Bradley Braves men’s basketball team win the MVC conference tournament and earn a berth in the NCAA tournament.  This is the first time that Bradley has won this tournament since 1988, when I was a freshman at Bradley University.  I recall attending most of Bradley’s home games that year, including the tournament, since it was held in downtown Peoria.  The team had a great deal of success, mostly due to the emergence of Hersey Hawkins, who would eventually have a decent career in the NBA.  Little did I know at the time that the next time Bradley would win the conference tournament would be over thirty years later.

A big problem that I encounter with myself is that I tend to focus on goals to a point that I don’t pay attention to things around me that might actually be more important.  Sometimes the completion of tasks becomes more important to happenings that should take priority over the items that happen to fall on my schedule at the time.  Life should definitely have a plan, but the schedule needs to be flexible.  There are moments that need to be enjoyed, fully experienced and appreciated.  These moments can be grand celebrations (such as winning a championship) or as simple as enjoying a special moment with a loved one.  A life full of these moments will be richer than the one that strictly adheres to a rigid plan that never appreciates the journey of life.  After all, life is all about the journey…the destination will take care of itself.

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