Don’t Worry, Be Happy

A song could not apply more to an individual than this song to me. Throughout my life, I have struggled with keeping things in perspective and becoming agitated with relatively trivial details in the course of a day. In my younger years, I would even fly into fits of rage when things weren’t going the way that I wanted – even things that were completely out of my control.

I believe that I have mellowed over the years, although I do sometimes struggle with overlooking the short-term inconveniences of life’s detours and counting my long-term blessings. When I stop to realize that God has a plan and even though I may not understand it, I need to trust Him. Being selfish by not being patient is actually a lack of faith in His plan. This is easier to say than to practice, but I firmly believe it to be the truth.

My wife bought a book for me years ago entitled “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. The author repeatedly made the point of keeping things in perspective and focusing on the truly important things in life. I believe that I have made progress in this area, but I still have far to go. Small stuff still makes me sweat sometimes.

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